The first ‚Fresh Craft‘ workshop in Kampala, Uganda, ended on November 30, 2018 with emotional goodbyes from all the participants. The two weeks we spent together were marked by intense collaboration, respect and inspiration on all sides. Everybody enjoyed working on ideas for a series, that will now collaboratively go into its next development stage in order to be produced. Initially, discussions and exchange focused strongly on the notion of our cultural backgrounds, our diverse attitude towards series and films. Very soon though, we were able to use this diversity creatively, in order to tell our story.

The idea that we chose for production in 2019 is ‘Stories from Accra’ from our participant Georg Maina Mundi:

Nine passengers travel from Accra, the Ghanaian capital, to a remote village by bus. In episodic flashbacks, we learn about the 24 hours in the life of each passenger prior to entering the bus and get a glimpse of their life. We get to know: the driver, the conductor, a rapper, a politician, an influencer, a policeman, a German backpacker, a market woman and a baby.
At their mutual destination, a foreign investor is going to buy land. Some of the passengers have a personal interest in endorsing this deal, others want to keep their property. The travelling baby that has been placed in the bus initiates a change of mind in some of the passengers, especially when the bus’ brakes fail just before the village and an accident is inevitable.
‘Stories from Accra’ deals with the very profound question of responsibility and irresponsibility.

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